Ministry of Magic

Thursday, thursday, thursday....... Original Plan: Dress up with my friends and go to the midnight premier of Harry Potter 7 part 1 (or A if you prefer that) and have a wonderful time! New Plan: Go to California from Thursday to Sunday and have a wonderful time with my sister and my brother-in-law (this is a real brother-in-law we are talking about not janes "brother-in-law if you know what I mean. Yes this is directed towards you Jane P. Busk). So really on Thursday you couldn't go wrong with either huh? I am pretty pumped to go to Cali and skip school on Thursday and Friday! Booya. I am obsessed with this song right now. I haven't bought it but I REALLY want it!
P.S. look up the Ministry of Magic on iTunes. It's great.


Free Time

You know what I will have more of now? Thats right, you guessed it, FREE TIME! It has been so nice not having to go down into my bathroom at five and get ready for the play and then not get home until ten. Hallelujah its over! But I honestly had so much fun being in the show. It was a classy time to spend my last two weeks. I think that this video is way funny but you might not agree. I think I found it so funny because I have been in one of those moods where EVERYTHING is funny so... if you don't like it I am genuinely sorry. Lately I have been doing a video diary. Every night before I go to bed I set up my Flip camera and press record. When the light blinks red I just start talking about everything and everyone. I LOVE it. I highly recommend it. In fact I like it so much that I think it should qualify as some sort of relieving therapy. And yes I am being serious about that.



I was laughing so hard when I saw this because for many awkward, nerdy little boys, this isn't far from the truth.
- ali -


Oh.. Uh.. Just GloZell

Have you ever watched GloZell? She is a crazy black lady who reviews songs. I have only watched a few, but this is one of my favorites. Anyways, as you can see I never have pictures on my blog. There are two reasons for this unfortunate situation. 1) The computer that I am always on does not have a camera on it, so I cannot take pictures (obviously) and 2) I don't have a camera that is currently working, so I cannot take pictures and put them on my blog (again, its obvious that if I don't have a camera then I cant take pictures and put them on my blog. Sheesh you're killing me, really you are) . So that is the story of my tragic dilemma.
P.S. I need more music. I am getting a tad bit tired of the music I have now.


Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

I have encountered many weird videos in my time but this one probably has to take the cake. I was watching it, not fully understanding why someone would make a video of a shell with shoes but yet I didn't stop. It sucks you in and you have no other choice but to finish watching it because you figure that it will come to an end that will make it all clear but... of course, it doesn't. If you wanna watch Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, click right here. I think you will all agree that it is the weirdest video you have ever seen as well. Enjoy.


Dad Life

I was dying I was laughing so hard when I watched this. This may seem extremely lame to you but I thought it was a hoot and a half. If you wanna see it click here. Oh and p.s. my dad emailed this video to me. After you watch it you will understand the humor in it, so....... watch it.
- ali


Freaking Crazy

This video is mesmerizing. Seriously though, it is. I don't really understand the music that goes with this... but it is still way good so its alright, I forgive the DJ. Personally, me thinks this guy has way too much time on his hands, but who am I to judge?. Anyways, I haven't blogged for like ten million years cause I have been to busy and I didn't have anything cool to post (yes, I think this video is cool so don't judge me). School starts tomorrow. I am pretty excited cause a) I am no longer the youngest of the school and b) I can drive to school so I am officially a free women, watch out.


The 1-Upper

Isn't it so obnoxious when you have a really great story to tell and someone comes and 1-ups you? Ya.. it's the worst. So here is to all of the 1-Uppers in world. Enjoy.
- ali-


Ken, Ken, Ken

Once again my little sister showed me a video on youtube and I thought it was great so I am going to share it with you. There are actually three so you know what that means.. you hit the jackpot.. oh yeah. First one. Second one. Third one.
- Ali


My Name is Starfish

I love Saturday Night Live, it's great. Here are a few clips I found that I thought were funny. If you would like to see the first one, click here. And click here for the second one.


Neon Trees

This is one of my favorite songs right now. If you want to listen to it then you will just have to click here, cause it won't let me put it on my blog... ya well just listen, cause its good :)
- ali


Toy Story 3

So the other day I went and saw Toy Story 3. Oh my it was wonderful! It was definitely my favorite Toy Story. If you haven't already seen it, I highly suggest you do, cause it's great.
Here is a video my little sister, Sophie showed me. She watches it pretty much every day.



The Enemy Within

So today I have been sick and so I have just been lying around all day. Well my sister came home for lunch and we started watching the Colbert Report. The show has a mini series called The Enemy Within. We were watching it and me and my sister were dying we were laughing so hard. I looked online to find more of them and came upon this one. It is so great you will just love it. You have to watch the WHOLE ENTIRE thing or else it isn't as funny. Enjoy.
- ali -


Berries and Cream

I used to be obsessed with this video. Seriously I was. I watched it like twenty times a day and would just laugh my head off! I forgot about it and then today I just remembered it. If you would like to see it click here.


Bless Her Heart

Can I just say that it is people like Nichole 337 that make my world go round. She is just great. Honestly, she is. If you want to see what I am talking about, click here. She has many covers and if I were you I would check out Should've Said No, its a keeper.
  • P.S. If you are going to watch Should've Said No you have to watch the WHOLE thing cause it is the best at the end.


Current Obsession

Click here if you want to discover my obsession right now.


Oh Goodness...

I recently found something that I despise. For those of you who don't know, I am NOT a Miley Cyrus fan. At all. And her new music video is completely ridiculous. She is seventeen people . . . SEVENTEEN. She is practically a baby! If you want to check out her new music video click here. Maybe you will not like it as much as I do.


Summa Sum

Pretty much I am 100% ready for summer. The weather has been lovely so we might as well make it permanent ya? I have loved being a sophomore but honestly I want to be junior and have peeps younger than me. I love being able to wake up early in the mornings and know that I have a whole day, school-free, ahead of me. I love being able to go swimming whenever and lay around just because I want to. I love soaking in the sun and reading a good book. I love being able to travel to other places and not having to worry about getting homework done. I love being able to be outside 99.9% of the time. I love putting my shoes away for those two and half months because I walk everywhere barefoot. I love summer.


Im Not Upset, I Am Just Angry

I recently decided that I love SNL ( Saturday Night Live for those who aren't quite with it). My dear, good friend, Jane Busk showed me these great videos and I have seriously watched them a billion times! You have to watch them both because they are just hilarious! Click here for the first one and here for the second one. I highly encourage you to watch them because they are wonderful! Oh and another obsession of mine has been Modern Family. That show is great! Thanks to my spiffy pal (and sister) Brooke Palmer, I am hooked!


Feels Like I'm Home Again

Once again we are back to school... yay...NOT! But on the bright side only 8-ish more weeks :). Anyways during spring break I was fortunate enough to go to Cali-freaking-fornia with my padre to visit my wonderful sister Brooke Palmer and brother-in-law Braden. We were in her car driving and a song came on. Its called Somebody More Like You by Nickle Creek. I had totally forgotten about them and I had never heard this song by them. Now I am obsessed. If you want to get obsessed click here. (P.S. I don't really understand what the show House has to do with this music but some human out there is happy with his creation so don't disrespect it.)Oh and my sisters new photography website is finished so if you would like to check that out click here. Its great! It is totally worth your time.
.:peaceasy my friends:.


St. Geezy

So this spring break me and my family came to St. George. We always come down here for easter so I was looking forward to it. It has been quit the interesting trip. The other night me, my older sister McCall, and my parents wanted to go out to dinner. We haven't yet found a good Chinese restaurant down here so we were on the lookout. I googled a few restaurants and the only one that would come up was called Mandarin Buffet. It didn't look that great but my dad insisted that we go and check it out. We pull up and there are literally three other cars in the parking lot. One was filled with two old grandmas going out to enjoy a nice quiet dinner and I am pretty sure the other two were the workers car. Me, my sister and my mom wanted to turn around by the point by again my dad, being the determined filly that he is, wanted to go inside. We go inside and the there are two workers and the old ladies from before. Thats it. That was a sign to not eat there. We walked right in and then turned around and walked right out. It was very rude of us but trust me if you were in that situation, you would walk out too. As we started getting in our car I look in the window and a Chinese worker lady was in the window just staring at as, watching our every move. I am 99.9% positive that she was hexing us or something. It was terrifying. We got the heck out of there and I know that we will probably never go there again. So here is a warning to all you people who want to find a good Chinese restaurant
here in St. George: Don't do it. Honestly just give up. You might get hexed.


I'm Not Intoxicated

I don't know why I enjoy this so much but I do. Its great. Click here to check it out.


9 weeks and GONE :)

Don't get this confused with 9 months cause no, I am not pregnant. Just had to make that clear, anyways not including this week, we only have 9 more weeks of school! I guess you could say it is bittersweet... I am SO excited for summer but that means that sophomore year is slowly coming to an end :( But the end of sophomore year means my BIRTHDAY! So I am quite confused about which emotion to feel. However, right now I am feeling pretty darn happy cause I am reading this amazing book. I am not a nerd. Really. You can enjoy a good book without being a nerd. Its possible. Its called HUNGER by Michael Grant. It is the sequel to GONE. And oh my they are wonderful! I highly recommend you take a gander at them. It will totally be worth your while. Here are the covers:
Now, I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I always do. I mean honestly, I find nothing wrong with judging an actually book by its cover, now with people that is different and I don't even know why I am getting into this so I am going to stop now.



What would the world be like without music? I mean seriously. Music makes absolutely EVERYTHING better. It will cheer me up on a gloomy day, help me feel calm when I am a little to hyper, and make a night so much better just by jamming to it with your friends. I go through stages where I am obsessed with either a band and/or a song. Right now the band is He Is We. I am in love with them!! I literally listen to them every single day. My song I am obsessed with right now is Radio by He Is We. If you want to share a little of this music magic just click here. Seriously, do it, I promise you won't be sorry.


Long. Long, and Longer

Do you ever just have those days when everything drags out and is extremely long? Well today was one of those days! Lucky me! Well my day just got a little better because I found the most amazing website! It is adorable. If you would like to visit this magnificent website click here.
That is all.


Expert? I Think Not!

This is my first blog post... ever!! I quit enjoy it. I have always wanted to get a blog... in fact I made one back in 2008, but I forgot about it. So I decided to make a fresh start for myself and create this little piece of work. I am not quit done editing it but don't you even worry, I will get it looking its absolute best!.... in the near future.