I'm Not Intoxicated

I don't know why I enjoy this so much but I do. Its great. Click here to check it out.


9 weeks and GONE :)

Don't get this confused with 9 months cause no, I am not pregnant. Just had to make that clear, anyways not including this week, we only have 9 more weeks of school! I guess you could say it is bittersweet... I am SO excited for summer but that means that sophomore year is slowly coming to an end :( But the end of sophomore year means my BIRTHDAY! So I am quite confused about which emotion to feel. However, right now I am feeling pretty darn happy cause I am reading this amazing book. I am not a nerd. Really. You can enjoy a good book without being a nerd. Its possible. Its called HUNGER by Michael Grant. It is the sequel to GONE. And oh my they are wonderful! I highly recommend you take a gander at them. It will totally be worth your while. Here are the covers:
Now, I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I always do. I mean honestly, I find nothing wrong with judging an actually book by its cover, now with people that is different and I don't even know why I am getting into this so I am going to stop now.



What would the world be like without music? I mean seriously. Music makes absolutely EVERYTHING better. It will cheer me up on a gloomy day, help me feel calm when I am a little to hyper, and make a night so much better just by jamming to it with your friends. I go through stages where I am obsessed with either a band and/or a song. Right now the band is He Is We. I am in love with them!! I literally listen to them every single day. My song I am obsessed with right now is Radio by He Is We. If you want to share a little of this music magic just click here. Seriously, do it, I promise you won't be sorry.


Long. Long, and Longer

Do you ever just have those days when everything drags out and is extremely long? Well today was one of those days! Lucky me! Well my day just got a little better because I found the most amazing website! It is adorable. If you would like to visit this magnificent website click here.
That is all.


Expert? I Think Not!

This is my first blog post... ever!! I quit enjoy it. I have always wanted to get a blog... in fact I made one back in 2008, but I forgot about it. So I decided to make a fresh start for myself and create this little piece of work. I am not quit done editing it but don't you even worry, I will get it looking its absolute best!.... in the near future.