I don't blog enough... I mean to, but I just don't. So I have a funny story to share. You might not think this is funny, and I really shouldn't think it is funny, but I do. So my grandma got total knee surgery a few weeks ago (not funny) but she got addicted to pain killers and now she is having withdrawals (kinda funny). Thats not appropriate for me to think thats funny but it makes me laugh because it makes me think of when she was riding a bike, crashed into a tree, and got a black eye. Now thats funny. Sorry grandma, I still love you I swear! Anyways, on sunday it was my brothers homecoming and there was this clock on the wall that was freaking me out. The second hand was just spinning way fast in circles (I guess that's the only shape it can spin in, but still) and I about lost it. It was like in a horror film... so creepy! My little sister Sophie got to experience the joys of maturation. She LOVED it. Yeah it's not normal. But she would tell everyone that she went to maturation and then she would go into detail about what she learned. We had to have a long talk with Sophie. Not sure if she was mature enough to go to maturation in the first place...