Feeling Sad?

Listen to this, it will cheer you right up.



You are probably asking yourself "what strange spectacle of a picture?" Well this is how the story goes. Once upon a time my dad gave my mom that weird finger puppet for Christmas. If you think that maybe it is an inside joke between my parents, I assure you, it is not. Anyways, one day I took a stroll through my parents room and saw this. On top of a random horse statue is the infamous finger puppet. This just shows how strange my family really is.
On Saturday me and my parents went to Joy Luck for dinner and if any of you have been there, you would know that when you first walk in there is a TV and if you keep walking you stumble upon a fish tank. For all of you Modern Family watchers, it is safe to say that my dad had a Phil Dunphy moment. The host starts taking me and my mom to our seats and we notice that Alan is missing, so we turn around and there he is watching a stupid animated movie on the TV. I start laughing and me and my mom continue to sit down. As we are sitting down we realize that Alan is once again missing. We look over and he is about two inches from the glass absolutely mesmerized by the fish. It would have made any three year old proud.