Holy cow I know I haven't blogged in like ten billion years but
have been meaning too! I am more of a blog reader than a blog writer. I get on a lot to read your blog but I just never blog myself because a) I don't know what to blog about and b) I never have anything important/interesting to say. I will work on it from here on out..... don't you even fret one bit.
You know how certain older songs trigger your emotions/feelings of when you were obsessed with them? Well that keeps happening with songs that I liked around this time last year. I look back and see how much I have changed. Even just little things that I used to do have changed. For example, a year ago I would watch a lot of t.v. and do a lot of other pointless things to fill up my time. Now there is no time for t.v. Instead I have been filling my time with reading, running, homework, friends, family, and playing the piano and I feel like I have accomplished sooooo much more than before. It is just weird how much everything has changed from only a year ago!
Folks, I have a confession to make.... I am OBSESSED with ABC Family's show Pretty Little Liars. No, literally, obsessed. It's sick. I watch every episode without fail and I love every second of it. Just throwing that out there.
Recently I found this gem on my computer and I have listened to it at least once everyday. Love it.



It may appear that I have been MIA (missing in action), but I assure you I have not. I just have been really busy and haven't really been in the blogging mood. I just found this SNL video and thought it was WAY funny. I am a bit slap happy right now so thats probably why I was literally laughing out loud... by myself.... looking like a lunatic to the rest of my family. So uh yep, enjoy.